Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The scare of my life!

Have you ever lost a child or not known where they were at? Doesn't fear strike your heart...well it did mine the other day. Skye wanted to ride Caleb's bike a little farther than what we had agreed upon. She came and asked me if she could ride one block further because it had a small hill she could go down. I hesitantly she left I got back to work relearning algebra so I could help my husband study for his upcoming test this week..about a half an hour had past so I put the laptop up and went outside. Aaron was working on remodeling the shed and Melanie was outside, but I didn't see Skye or Calebs bike...I went out to the sidewalk and looked up and down the streets and didn't see her. I told her she could ride down one block in either dirrection and then down the little hill. So I got in my van to check and see if she was at the hill. She wasn't. I figured maybe we just missed eachother and she was home now. So I drove back to the house. As soon as I pulled up Aaron asked if I found her. I told him no and pulled out again. After another trip around the nearby blocks I headed back, still no Skye, that is when my heart started pounding more, my mind started racing, and I stared girl was lost. I heard an ambulance and a police siren, in my mind I imagined Skye bloody on the ground, that she had been hit by a car...but at least I knew where she was. I tried to follow the sirens but they weren't near the house...I knew Skye would not disobey me and go further than she was allowed...She is a good girl. She may give me attitude sometimes, but for the most part when I set a boundry she stays within her limits. I came home to get my phone, ans she still wasn't there, so Aaron got in his truck and went searching for her too. I tried looking for the non-emergency phone number for Anaconda, but couldn't find it online so I just dialed 911. I asked about the sirens I was hearing, telling them I couldn't find my daughter. They told me the sirens were for something out on the freeway. That was too far to be her. At first I was releaved that it wasn't her, but then all the other senerios started popping into my head...I took Sarah along with me to help look for her. My hands were getting sweety and I was starting to get sick to my stomach. After driving around what seemed like hours and was only a few minutes Sarah sugested that we check the super slide. I really didn't think she would go that far, but I was getting desperate by now...after talking with Aaron and finding out he hadn't found her either I went to check the house before going to the superslide...Melanie was standing out by the front sidewalk with Mariah. I pulled up asking if Skye had made it back yet. She told me....she has been here the whole time, sleeping in Sarah's bed...The weight of the world lifted from me, but I still felt sick to my stomach...I called Aaron and let him know that she was home and safe. So aparently while I was zoned out doing algebra for Aaron, Skye had walked in past me and went to take a nap...She had also placed her bike on the other side of the barn out of sight...I was thanking God and praising Him that she was ok...we both had to go take some tums!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We are here!!!

It was a LONG 15 hour drive to Anaconda, but we made it! :) I really hate packing! We found a house close to Melanie's, but won't be able to get into it for a few weeks. I can't wait to get unpacked and settled in! Melanie and Scott are so wonderful for giving us a place to stay, so is Caleb for giving up his room for us and Sarah for sharing hers with Skye! You guys are AWESOME! Aaron and Melanie are in Missoula right now getting supplies to fix up Mel's shed into a quilting studio for us :) We are SO excited!!! This is something she has always wanted and now that Aaron and I have some time on our hands...well we are going to help her out! I am just now starting to quilt so this ROCKS! Making my first quilt for Skye now, will upload pics of it soon!