Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mariah is growing like a weed! A little petite but still growing nonetheless...I started giving her some formula in hopes of chunking her up a little bit and to have her sleep more throughout the night. It is working! So I am finally getting a little more sleep, an answer to prayer! Yeah, I am one happy mommy! I did have a hard night a few nights ago, but I have such a wonderful husband...he got up at 2:30 am and went to the store for me to get some more formula...she drinks it faster than I thought she would...He is so sweet :) Miah is such a kick, she loves it when you hang her upside down and swing her, she just smiles and laughs. When you upright her she literally throws herself back for more! She crawls fast as lightening and has conquered the stairs...I am constantly removing her from them...She thought she was the "stuff" the first time she made it to the top. Sharon was visiting and saw her do it. Well we were actually cheering her on. It was a long way for her, but when she finally made it she crawled really fast to me and laid her head in my lap, then looked up at me smiling :) So precious. Her sissy Hannah was cheering her on all the way, well screeching her on actually!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My sleeping beauty...So sweet, so inocent...Skye is coming close to turning 9 in a few months. She is looking forward to being even older :) She can't wait till she is able to be a part of the youth group. My little social butterfly...She is 8 going on 18 though...I no longer know anything. I just don't understand...I have never been her age apparently. He he :) She is full of sugar, and spice, and everything nice. She is my big helper. I would be lost without her. Only a few more weeks until school is out. Skye is so looking forward to summer with NO HOMEWORK!!! (Me too!!!) She wants to sleep in, play hard, and stay up late! A kids summer dream!

Hannah Banana...she is such a ham!!! She wanted to go outside and pose for pictures just like her friends were doing. She is so funny at times! She is definately my strong willed child, but she is well worth all the effort! Hannah can be sweet, extremely funny, and is too smart for her own good! She reminds her dad of his curious nature! I think I see a lot of him in her :) She definately keeps the house lively!!! She is full of sugar, LOTS of spice, and everything nice, with a few worms thrown in!!! I am so blessed to have her as my very own.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy, rainy day...

April showers bring May flowers...just not in Oregon. April and May showers might bring June flowers...He he. Although, the steady pitter patter of the rain has its lulling rythm that is very soothing. I just don't want to go walking in it! Things are going great here. God is moving in our lives and church and it is so refreshing. He has BIG things in store for those who serve Him. Those who lay their lives down and commit their all to Him. Those who are not only obedient, but who have a willing spirit as well. He wants willing vessles to work through. Lord I want to be a vessel used for your honor and for your glory. Fill me up that I may overflow with your goodness and blessings into others. Let it be a continual fountain that is flowing with Your life giving water!