Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anaconda, Montana

Anaconda Montana! What a beautiful place :) The girls absolutely LOVE the huge slide here. Hannah has no, I repeat NO fear!!!! She went on this thing all by herself before I could even get to her. She didn't care that it was about 40 feet high and you zoom down like lightening...she enjoyed it, turned around and ran right back up those stairs for more!!! The smoke stack and the Copper Express are a part of Anaconda history and main tourist attractions. The mountains here are huge and I can imagine they are very beautiful in the winter, although it is not as green as Oregon :) We are enjoying our time here visiting family!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Multnomah Falls

Stopped by the falls on our way home from visiting my grandma in the hospital a few weeks ago. Girls had fun and it was a beautiful day! Nice way to wind down a LONG drive :) We let the kids play in the creek on the way to the car...they had a BLAST, the water was freezing but they didn't care! Mariah loves to eat rocks...crazy :)

Friday, July 10, 2009


Just a few pics from our camping trip last week. We had a blast! I caught my first fish on a fly rod while I was in Aaron's float tube in the middle of the lake. Such fun, I am hooked! Can't wait to go again!!!! Miah loved the water and wasn't afraid at all! Skye learned how to start a good fire with my help, Hannah had a blast.

My girls are growing sooooo fast! Skye is turning into a beautiful young lady, Hannah is getting older and wiser!!! he he he...at least she thinks she is :) And Miah has decided she wants to start helping more around the house! My girls are such blessings! The other day we went to the park and hung out, they played on the playground, then were lazy with me in the grass, then they cooled off in the little creak at the park! We ended the afternoon with ice cream from McD's :) Summer fun!

I am flying!

Finally loving yourself :) I am recommiting myself to flylady.net :) So far things have been going good and my sink is shining! There is so much less stress when you are organized and following routines in house cleaning, and well day to day living. It is nice to wake up to a clean kitchen with NO dirty dishes in the sink! And it is wonderful to have family members who help me out in this area :) Thank you everybody! I haven't gotten into my zone cleaning yet, but I am doing good where I am at now. You should check out her site!