Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy, rainy day...

April showers bring May flowers...just not in Oregon. April and May showers might bring June flowers...He he. Although, the steady pitter patter of the rain has its lulling rythm that is very soothing. I just don't want to go walking in it! Things are going great here. God is moving in our lives and church and it is so refreshing. He has BIG things in store for those who serve Him. Those who lay their lives down and commit their all to Him. Those who are not only obedient, but who have a willing spirit as well. He wants willing vessles to work through. Lord I want to be a vessel used for your honor and for your glory. Fill me up that I may overflow with your goodness and blessings into others. Let it be a continual fountain that is flowing with Your life giving water!

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