Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can you handle the cold?

Wow! It has been in the teens, the negative teens all week long! Talk about COLD!!! I think winter has definitely set in here in Montana! Skye wanted to go ice skating with Sarah, I let them know it was too cold but they didn't care or believe me, not too sure which it was...well half an hour later they called, "can someone come pick us up?" They were freezing! Who could have guessed? It was only -5 degrees outside! Poor Aaron has to work out in it today, right now it is 0 degrees outside...I bet he is a little cold. I am so thankful he is willing to work in this weather. He is a wonderful husband! Oh, we all just got over being sick and having Pink Eye. That was NO fun, try giving 2 toddlers eye drops every two hours...Skye didn't like it either, but at least I didn't have to hold her down, even though she didn't like them either! Now Sarah has it but is confining herself to the bedroom outside. I sure hope and pray it doesn't spread again! Skye finally got her school pictures back :) She is growing up way too fast! She is doing excellent in school, all A's and a few B's but she has adjusted well.

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